Why Live Video Demos Have Redefined Retail

4 min readMay 4, 2021

Of all the changes brought about by the pandemic, customer experience has had one of the biggest shifts. Retail is reinventing itself, with customers spending more online, more cautious about what they buy, and expecting more from businesses in terms of values as well as experience.

The line between online and offline is more blurred, with traditional and digital channels overlapping (think bricks and clicks). As customers stay home, 1–1 live video demos have become a go-to tool for businesses to build a community of loyal customers.

From luxury French malls expanding their reach, or a high-end jeweller getting Hong Kong customers back in store virtually, live video demos were a saving grace for many businesses. Cut off from customers, retailers expanded beyond four walls globally, providing intimate human to human experiences at scale.

Why 1–1 Live Video Demos?

- Trust: Staff are face to face with customers, showcasing products “in real life”.

- Authenticity: Instead of hiding behind the latest airbrushed product shot, live video demos put people and spirit back into the online customer journey.

- Support: Staff can answer any question, and recommend any relevant product to help support customers towards purchase.

- Exclusivity: Live video demos are personalised, and make the customer feel like a VIP — at scale.

- Loyalty: With strong personalised experiences, customers can place a personality or “face” to their favourite ecommerce platforms –a relationship geared towards repeat purchases and advocacy for your brand.

Turn each touchpoint into a powerful loyalty building platform: Live video demos can be leveraged at every stage of the customer journey, whether for exploring new products, customer support, or a loyalty offer. As far as delivering live video demos goes — maaiiconnect is an industry leader. The only platform which offers seamless, easily accessible video experiences from any online and offline touchpoint throughout the full customer journey.

How to deliver live video demos that convert leads to sales with maaiiconnect

Present wherever your customers are

69% of consumers say product demos best assist them when making a purchase decision.

- maaiiconnect’s High Performing web communications widget provides instant live chat and web calls at the click of a button (or scan!)

- Embeddable on any website, customers can click to start a call or chat instantly — which seamlessly converts to video call or screen sharing

- Weblinks (hyperlinks) and QR Codes can initiate the widget — embed them as buttons on your website, or place them in posters so anyone can click and scan

No downloads required, accessible on any device, and phone connection. Customers will engage with your business from where they are right now — without having to navigate away from their point of interest with your brand.

What happens during a live video demo

Set up a virtual store or equip in-store staff with high-quality video gear — like the latest iPhone with a comfortable grip tool. When customers are connected to the live video demo;

- Drive a quick consultation to discover what they’re looking for and their unique tastes

- Showcase the most relevant products on-hand — or give a tour of the store and see what peaks their interest

- Go up close and highlight the key features of the product, telling the story behind its design, benefits, and qualities

- Answer any questions the customer has, while providing personalised responses

Follow-up on their preferred channel

Some customers love WhatsApp, some love phone calls, while different local markets prefer apps such as WeChat. Ask customers their preferred channel for follow up, and manage it with ease through maaiiconnect’s one dashboard, conveniently integrating all of the leading instant messengers.

Once a customer initiates the session, a chat room is created which leads to the live video demo. You then follow up on WhatsApp or their preferred messenger, and every message will display in the same thread — providing your staff a holistic, single conversation with the customer across all of the channels.

From the customer’s perspective, they have engaged with your brand on their preferred channel, each at the time and place of their choosing and received the same contextual service. This is a powerful omnichannel experience.

Lead with loyalty

The customer journey doesn’t end after purchase. For post-sale support, customers can click or scan from the receipt and product packaging (include weblinks and QR Codes!). Live video demos can be leveraged for technical support, or to find information they may have missed. Through the unified interface, any staff can pick up the enquiry and see full communication history to provide stronger contextual support.

With increased servicing and satisfaction, build your business with a strong foundation of loyal customers. By showcasing the human face of your business, you’re showing customers there’s nothing to hide, and giving them a reason to trust. They feel unique and special with a personalised human to human experience, and leave with a positive and memorable moment to inspire future purchase intent.

Why maaiiconnect

- Reliable Quality: A Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95% is our quality and reliability guarantee to ensure you're always connected with crystal clear voice quality

- World-class Support: 24/7 customer support and a dedicated Account Manager

- Regulatory Compliance: Built with compliance for international laws and regulations, such as GDPR, ISO, and HIPAA

- Smart and Unified: Always ahead of the trend, maaiiconnect is constantly evolving with market trends and customer behaviour to ensure the latest channels, tools and solutions to keep your business ahead of the pack!

Want to try it out? Request a live video demo with us today to learn more about delivering exceptional experiences anywhere in the world.

This article was originally published in the maaiiconnect blog by Felicia Lam.